The Shufflers Walk

In 2009 Steve Biaggi, while  vacationing in Canada, discovered a beautiful brick walk under the Bluewater Bridge in Point Edward Ontario.  This inspired him to create the Shufflers Walk at Lee County. 

He contacted a contractor who gave him an estimate of $3000.  Steve felt that was too much money to ask the Lee County Board Members to supply from the treasury. So with their permission, he funded the project himself  with the  understanding that as the members purchased the bricks he would be paid back the $3000. Any monies beyond that would be paid to the club.

Within two months of the completion of the walk, Steve got his money back.  The large bricks sell for $100 and the small red ones for $50. The walk has many more spots available. 

Get your name etched in stone for future generations to see on our beautiful ‘Shufflers Walk’