*Lee County Club DRAW Tournaments*

Thursday November 27-28,2020 at 8:30 am

Thursday December 30-31,2020 at 8:30 am

A general meeting will be held at Lee County Shuffleboard Club on Saturday November 7,2020 at 11:30. No Lunch will be served this time due to COVID 19.

9/20/2020 Message from Lee County President Chuck Wilson

Due to Covid 19 with all the protocols we must follow in order to play shuffleboard, we are going to need a lot of help and cooperation from all Southern District Clubs and members. As of right now, for the next 2 months all tournaments will be held at Lee County. Your cooperation will be  greatly appreciated. 

A little History on Lee County Shuffleboard Club 

by Steve Biaggi

Lee County Shuffleboard Club was originally Fort Myers Shuffleboard Club, located on Edwards Drive in downtown Fort Myers. There were 26 courts that were built sometime during the Great Depression by the W.P.A. The Lee County courts were built in 1999,under the direction of Commissioner Andy Coy. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony opening the courts in October 1999. The Fort Myers Shuffleboard Club, in gratitude for these 24 beautiful courts, voted to rename the club the Lee County Shuffleboard Club. The club was found to be a great pleasure, with smooth, fast courts and a totally different design than we had experienced in the past.

Welcome to the Lee County Shuffleboard Club


Chuck Wilson (314) 805-8034


Jean Lakies (586) 219-6659


Rita Wilson (314) 805-8034


Ray Buck (267) 218-0935


Jack Norton (508) 930-5244


Tom Mason (513) 309-7600


Wally Thyssen(239) 322-7821


Joe Helling (239) 543-3968

Past Presidents of Lee County Shuffleboard Club

John Holder - 2016-2019

Dick Widdis - 2014-2015

John Speer - 2012-2013

Wally Thyssen - 2010-2011

Al Nelson - 2007-2009

John Speer - 2006

Ed Smith - 2005

Don Watson - 2002-2004

Earl Longworth - 2001

Phyllis Bigel - 1999-2000

Past Presidents of Fort Myers Shuffleboard Club

Phyllis Bigel - 1998

Earl Longworth - 1997

Myrna Stroble - 1995-96

Aaron Sutton - 1994

Ross Goodwin - 1993

Aaron Sutton - 1991-92

Bud Tyson - 1990

Frank Cobb - 1989