Bonita Terra Shuffleboard Club Welcomes You 

 Bonita Terra, was previously known as Citrus Park, the name changed in 2020. Citrus Park was one of the founding clubs, when the Southern District was formed in 1989. It also has the distinction of hosting the first district tournament of the Southern District held on November 9,1989 with 68 teams competing on only 12 of their 16 courts. 7 years later in 1996 the four unused courts were resurfaced and made playable, making Citrus Park the second largest shuffleboard facility in the Southern District. The Park, named for the many citrus trees throughout, has it’s privately owned restaurant, where players can buy their lunch and refreshments. Not only is now Bonita Terra an asset to our district but also a great place to play shuffleboard.

Southern District Tournaments hosted by Bonita Terra 2022-2023 Season

Dec 1-3, 2022, Must Have District Am.

Feb 2-4, 2023, Must Have District Am


Geri Moore (330)  853-7254

Vice President:

Marcel Jonker (647) 700-8724


Ray Reynolds (586) 596-4837


Lee Kerr (239) 390-1654

Past Presidents Of Citrus Park Shuffleboard Club

        Rip VanGinkel – Nick Killinger – Arlan Garra – Tom Light – John Frey – Betty Ecker – Joe Smeulders – Sally Unwin

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